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Sunrise Windows
6724 - 50 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T6B 3M9

Phone: (780) 413-0542
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Vinyl Windows in Edmonton Add Beauty & Value to Your Home


Slider Windows

vinyl windows edmonton At Sunrise Windows & Doors Depot we take great pride in manufacturing the highest quality of vinyl windows in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Our sliding windows can be designed and arranged in multiple configurations in harmony with our fixed windows to give your home a distinctive look and feel. Sunrise sliding windows can open to let in a breath of fresh air on a spring day yet easily close to tightly ceil out natures harshest elements.

Sunrise Windows & Doors Depot patented sliding-style windows are designed to perform no matter what the weather may through at it. So often, sliding windows fall prey to winter's worst winds. With Sunrise Windows & Doors Depot unique frame design it's not only stylish on the outside but the contours add tremendous strength to the structure. This guarantees virtual airtight performance year after year.

We also have lift-out models, making cleaning a snap. Added features such as extra weather-stripping and a sash encapsulated into the frame will ensure that drafts do not break through. Our windows are manufactured to such tight standards that when locked, there is virtually no slope or movement. Single sliders have all the great features of typical slider windows with one difference: one of the sashes is operational, and the other is stationary. We offer gorgeous three-section end-vents or center-vents.

Single Hung Windows

Unlike typical windows, all Sunrise Windows & Doors Depot single hung windows feature not one, but three continuous weather-strip seals, making them virtually airtight. This results in your home staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With a more efficient vinyl windows from Sunrise can reduce your energy costs providing you long term savings as well.

Our vinyl windows in Edmonton also have self-tensioning balances. With this ingenious feature you don't have to bother with the adjustments or constant lubrication needed with most other brands. So you will enjoy a draft-free home, without the hassle of time consuming service problems. Also, our unique pivot system allows sashes to tilt into your home for ease of cleaning. Sashes can be removed in a flash and can be reinstalled just as quickly! Combine this with weathertight fusion welded corners and you are looking through a window that is incredibly strong and durable.


  • Frame- Thick vinyl chambered profile with colour throughout, precision welded for maximum structural integrity.
  • Tilt and lift-out sashes make cleaning a snap
  • Screen- Unobstructed by hardware operation and removable from interior only by design.
  • Single hung windows incorporate constant force balance systems that enable the sash to be open at any height.
  • All-uPVC mulitchamber design and multiple weather-stripping deliver amazing energy performance.
  • Double coextruded outside sash for superior water tightness.
  • Interior glazing bead: key design component for withstanding 220 mph (350 km/h) winds.
  • The most internal chambers: outstanding insulation, noise reduction, thermal efficiency, and strength. Ranked Number 1 out of 22,000 windows tested by the (US) NFRC for energy performance.
  • Full-size, double-walled handle bead: remarkably sturdy, built for years of tough use.
  • Mounting hardware installs through at least 2 uPVC walls for secure, time-tested placement.
  • A-3, B-3, C-5 ratings for CAN/CSA A440-M90
  • 3 h (82.5 mm) frame depth- ideal for easy replacement applications
  • Energy-smart glazing options: double and low-E glazing 7/8 in.
  • Wide range of uPVC jamb extensions, inside trims, moldings, and corner blocks for enhanced finishing inside and out