Single Hung Windows

Unlike typical windows, all Sunrise windows feature not one, but three continuous weather-strip seals, making them virtually airtight. Thanks to built-in features in our single hung window, like self-tensioning balances, you need not bother with adjustments, or constant lubrication which typical balances require. You will enjoy a draftfree home without the hassle of time-consuming service problems. Also, our unique pivot system allows sashes to tilt into your home for ease of cleaning. Sashes remove in a flash and can be reinstalled just as quickly! Combine this with weathertight fusion welded corners and you are looking through a window that is incredibly strong and durable.


Our slider and single hung frames are made with a thick vinyl chambered profile with colour throughout.


  •   Tilt-out sashes make cleaning a snap.
  •   Our screens are unobstructed by hardware operation and removable from interior only by design.
  •   Single hung windows incorporate coil spring force balance systems that enable the sash to be open at any height.
  •   All-uPVC mulitchamber design and multiple weather-stripping deliver amazing energy performance.
  •   Double coextruded outside sash for superior water tightness.
  •   The interior glazing bead is a key design component for withstanding 220 mph (350 km/h) winds.
  •   The most internal chambers provide outstanding insulation, noise reduction, thermal efficiency, and strength.
  •   Ranked #1 out of 22,000 windows tested by the (US) NFRC for energy performance.
  •   Full-size, double-walled handle bead is remarkably sturdy, built for years of tough use.
  •   Mounting hardware installs through at least 2 uPVC walls for secure, time-tested placement.
  •   A-3, B-3, C-5 ratings for CAN/CSA A440-M90.
  •   3 1⁄4” (82.5 mm) frame depth, ideal for easy replacement applications.
  •   Energy-smart glazing options: double and Low-E glazing.
  •   Wide range of uPVC jamb extensions, inside trims, moldings, and corner blocks for enhanced finishing inside and out.

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