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Energy Efficient Windows in Edmonton Can Brighten Your Home without Costing You a Fortune


Upgrading to Low E energy saving windows in Edmonton and the surrounding area can allow the sunlight in while saving on your energy bills.

Energy Efficient Windows Result in Year Round Saving

How can you let sunlight in while enhancing your home with dramatic views without resulting in high energy costs? The solution is simple with Sunrise Windows & Doors Depot new technically advanced energy efficient windows made with Ener-Smart glass. At Sunrise Windows & Doors Depot we manufacture our energy saving windows with a double glazed sealed glass and incorporate a special "Low-Emissivity" coating that allows light to pass through while reflecting excess heat out.

The Other Advantages

  • Decrease condensation and drafts near and around windows
  • Reduce high radient heat
  • Protect fabrics and furnishings which can fade from direct sunlight with normal windows
  • Reduce outside noise that come into your home
  • Provides a better environment for houseplants to thrive

energy efficient windows edmonton

Solarban 60 Solar Control Low-E Glass by PPG was engineered to control solar heat gain, which is essential to minimizing cooling costs. In a standard one-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 60 glass offers an exterior appearance similar to clear, uncoated glass.

With an excellent Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.38, Solarban 60 glass blocks 62% of the total solar energy while allowing 70% of the visible light to pass through. This produces an exceptional Light to Solar Gain (LSG) ratio of 1.85, along with excellent insulation performance, as evidenced by its 0.29 winter nighttime U-Value.

Aesthetics Options

In addition to functioning as a clear glass, Solarban 60 glass can also be combined in insulating glass units with an outboard lite of PPG tinted or reflective tinted glass to increase aesthetic and performance options (see performance data on back).

Sustainable Design and Architectural Glass

Sustainable design, green building, safeguarding the environment and the long-term management of energy costs are vital considerations for contemporary building designers. Like other high-performance architectural glasses from PPG, Solarban 60 energy efficient windows in Edmonton give architects and building owners a tool to reach their design objectives.

In addition to making products that support sustainable design, PPG also is a pioneer in developing innovative technologies that reduce energy consumption during the glass-making process. PPG promotes environmentally responsible manufacturing by recovering and reusing virtually all of its glass manufacturing byproducts and by shipping its materials on reusable steel racks.

PPG also promotes regional sourcing through its nationwide network of certified glass fabricators and laminators.

With Solarban 60 glass, sustainable design and LEED credit opportunities are provided according to the following criteria:

Category LEED Feature Benefit
Energy & Atmosphere
Energy Performance
Credit 1
1-2 points
SHGC: 0.38
U-Value: 0.29
Excellent year-round solar control
Interior & Environmental Quality
Daylight & Views
Credit 8
1-2 points
VLT: 70%
LSG: 1.85
Glare control along with abundant visible light


Fabrication and Availability

Solarban 60 glass can be heat-strengthened, tempered and laminated and is readily available as a standard product. Like other high-performance PPG architectural glasses, Solarban 60 glass is available through the more than 50 locations of the PPG Certified Fabricator, PPG Certified Commercial Window Fabricator and PPG Certified Laminator Networks. All PPG Certified Partners are equipped to meet tight construction deadlines and can accelerate the delivery of replacement glass during and after construction.

Additional Resources

Solarban 60 glass is just one of the EcoLogical Building Solutions from PPG. For more information, or to obtain samples of Solarban 60 glass, call 1-888-PPG-IDEA, or visit

PPG IdeaScapes. Integrated products, people and services to inspire your design and color vision.

Data based on using Starphire glass for both interior and exterior lites.
All performance data calculated using LBNL Window 5.2 software, except European U-Value, which is calculated using WinDat version 3.0.1 software. For detailed information on the methodologies used to calculate the aesthetic and performance values in this table, please visit or request our Architectural Glass Catalog.

Ener Smart
With more than 200 million square feet shipped in the last 10 years, Sungate 500 Low-E Glass which we use in our innovative energy saving windows is one of the industries most trusted and proven products. And, with the increased emphasis on energy efficiency and green building, the value of this proven technology continues to grow with age.

Aesthetic Options

Sungate 500 coated glass yields the color neutrality of clear uncoated glass, together with dramatically improved performance. When compared with regular clear glass in a one-inch insulating glass unit, Sungate 500 glass produces impressive U-Value improvements of 27% and 36% (winter and summer respectively) while transmitting as much as 94% of visible light.

Sungate ® 500 Low-E Glass Versatility

The key advantage of Sungate 500 glass is its versatility. In situations that would benefit from passive solar energy, the ability of Sungate 500 glass to transmit the warming rays of the sun (as measured by its higher solar heat gain coefficient) can lower heating requirements.

When more stringent solar control measures are required, Sungate 500 Low-E Glass can be teamed with a spectrally selective tint from the Oceans of Color collection in a one-inch insulating glass unit. This produces the benefit of high visible light transmittance together with improved solar control and a wide range of aesthetic options.

For example, Sungate 500 Azuria delivers a Light to Solar Gain (LSG) ratio of 1.70, well above the minimum standard for spectrally selective glass* as defined by the U.S. Department of Energy. Other Sungate 500/Oceans of Color combinations (see performance chart on back) provide a versatile array of aesthetic options with excellent control and Low-E performance.

*The U.S. Department of Energy defines spectrally selective glass as glass with a Light to Solar Gain (LSG) ratio of 1.25 or higher.


Sungate 500 Low-E Glass provides maximum processing flexibility and can be easily laminated, tempered or heat-strengthened to satisfy increased strength or safety glazing requirements. As a pyrolytic or "hard coat," Sungate 500 glass is durable and readily available from nearly 100 glass fabrication locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Additional Resources

Sungate 500 Low-E Glass is just one of the ecoLogical EcoLogical Building Solutions from PPG. For more information, or to obtain samples of Sungate 500 glass, call 1-888-PPG-IDEA, or visit

PPG IdeaScapes. Integrated products, people and services to inspire your design and color vision.

Performance data calculated using LBL Window 5.2. For detailed information on the methodologies used to calculate the aesthetic and performance values in this table, please visit or request our Architectural Glass Catalog.

Low E Performance Data Comparison Chart

While PPG believes this calculated performance data to be reasonably accurate, it may not precisely agree with similar performance data calculated using the LBL Window 5.2 program. PPG's published data is based on the LBL Window 5.2 program. Information published above is from the Performance Glass Calculator Calculated Center-of-Glass Thermal and Optical Properties Based on NFRC 100-2001 Environmental Design Conditions.

All calculations have been calculated using 1/2" spacer cavities.

Low E Coatings - All low e that are placed on outer lite the low e coating is on surface #2. Low e product placed on the inner lite of glass is on surface #3 in the case of duals and Surface #5 in the case of triple units.

Argon is calculated based on a 90% argon and 10 % air mixture.

Performance values subject to change.


Shading Coefficient - A measure of the ability of a window or skylight to transmit solar heat, relative to that ability for 3 mm (1/8-inch) clear, doublestrength, and single glass. Shading coefficient is being phased out in favor of the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), and is approximately equal to the SHGC multiplied by 1.15. The shading coefficient is expressed as a number without units between 0 and 1. The lower a window's solar heat gain coefficient or shading coefficient, the less solar heat it transmits, and the greater is its shading ability.

Relative Heat Gain is the combination of solar heat gain (the transmitted energy plus that amount of absorbed energy that is radiated to the interior) and heat transfer due to the indoor/outdoor temperature differential.

R-value is an assigned number derived from a specific testing procedure to determine a materials (or building assemblage) "resistance to conductive heat transfer". The higher the R-value, the more resistant a material (or building assemblage) is to conductive heat transfer.