Garden Windows

Sunrise Windows garden window provides exceptional quality that extends beyond normal window opening. They’re a great space for plants or flowers, or virtually anything else. Not only is this space functional, but it offers a unique look and feel. Our garden window is made of four pieces of energy-efficient glass, allowing for maximum light, like a mini-greenhouse for the kitchen. An optional operable awning on top allows air to circulate as well. Vinyl top, seat and sides mean no painting and easy maintenance. Our garden windows come in white, but you can choose any exterior colour to further personalize your look.

Available in all kinds of exterior colors to match all styles


  • "A" Single Fixed
    Max 50" Wide

  • "B" Single Vent
    Max 48" Wide

  • "C" Split Roof
    Max 72" Wide

  • "D" Split Roof
    Max 84" Wide

  • "E" Triple Roof
    Max 84" Wide

  • "F" Triple Roof
    Max 84" Wide

Note: Triangles represent awning openers.


  •   Ideal window space for growing plants and flowers, or just showcasing your knick knacks.
  •   Adjustable glass shelf is standard.
  •   Optional top vented awning style to allow for natural air flow.
  •   Superior weather strip design eliminates leaks.
  •   Insulated seat for maximum efficiency.
  •   Custom sized to meet requirements.
  •   Heavy duty aluminum reinforcement inside extrusions.
  •   Truth pole operator included with all top vents.
  •   30° sloped head with 16” projection.
  •   Custom exterior colours available!


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