Why Choose Us?

A Matter of Choice

Evolution Series combines the latest technology with the greatest tools, offering you a complete line of fully accessorized windows that can be easily customized to your exact needs.

Superior Durability

  • The exclusive Evolution Series anchoring screw - Ordinary screws just weren't good enough to guarantee trouble free operation over the long term. So we developed a special new design for better anchoring power; a screw that goes through a minimum of two walls, for a stronger, tighter hold that ensures the hardware never comes loose.
  • Fusion welded for extra strength - Evolution Series corners are 100% fusion welded. Fusion welding not only looks a lot better, it also eliminates the need for adhesives and sealants. This means you get a totally waterproof corner in addition to an esthetically improved appearance.
  • Clearly superior to the competition - Evolution Series profiles feature far more internal chambers than anything the competition offers. Add our exclusive lead-free PVC and it's easy to see why Evolution Series stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Outstanding Performance

  • No drafts. No energy loss. - When it comes to thermal efficiency Evolution Series windows easily surpass the highest industry standards. So you can spend a lot less on heating and air conditioning and still be more comfortable than ever.
  • Quick Drain System - Even the heaviest rains and winds are no match for Evolution Series exclusive patent pending design. It drains away water like no other design, so you never have to worry about window water damage again.
  • Multi-Chamber magic - The unique multi-chamber design is the key to Evolution Series design and performance superiority. Our multi-chambers significantly reduce exterior noise pollution while providing thermal efficiency second to none. Our multi-chambered walls are designed to enhance overall structural integrity. The reason they look so strong is because they are!

Security and Know-How

  • Outstanding protection in any kind of weather - Three or more layers of weather stripping keep dust and dirt outside where they belong, while keeping your home comfortable all year long.
  • Extreme weather glazing bead - The Evolution Series glazing bead has been proven to withstand winds up to 220 miles per hour. Remember, if the wind can't get in, there's a much better chance your roof will stay on during a severe storm. So you, your family and your home are much better protected when the weather turns against you ... because you have the "ultimate all weather barrier" on your side!

What You Don't See Is What Makes The Ultimate Difference

Sunrise Windows are the result of in depth experience, consumer driven design and meticulous manufacturing methods using the most advanced materials available. Sunrise's exclusive multi-chamber technology ensures maximum performance and energy efficiency even under the most extreme conditions.

This advanced technology also reduces outside noise to enhance your quality of life, while Sunrise's fusion welding joints seal out air and water ... for the ultimate all weather barrier.

Only The Best

Only the highest quality PVC powders in North America are used to produce all the main profiles in the Evolution Series of window systems. As a "first generation" raw material, PVC powder contrasts with the usual pellet compounds that have a "Heat History" from their formulation process. Evolution Series all-PVC windows are federally rated and always come out on top. In some cases, they literally defy classification because they resist even maximum strength!

Exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty

All PVC window components of the Evolution Series are protected by the Sunrise Windows exclusive warranty. For more information please consult our Limited Warranty

Commitment to Quality & Service

Performance - a word that is synonymous with Sunrise's vinyl windows. Designed and engineered with builders and renovators in mind, Sunrise offers the quality construction you have come to trust. Impact resistant vinyl products that offer low maintenance, energy efficiency, smooth operation and are virtually indestructible. Choose from sliders, casements, awnings, single hungs, and don't forget to add that extra touch of style with our complete line of specialty shaped windows. At Sunrise we take pride in offering products designed to compliment your own unique taste.

After Sales Service

At Sunrise Windows we take pride in our after-sales service. Every window we manufacture has its own serial number, enabling us to ensure every order is delivered complete and on time. Product serial number also allow us to offer responsive after-sale service.

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