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Please review the following items and initial each one indicating you have read each line and agree to the information contained within

Please ensure you read this contractual agreement carefully. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.

  • I have reviewed the contract and understand all terminology and scope of work.
  • I have three (3) days from signing the contract to make any changes. After that time additional fees may be applied. It will also change your installation date. Install date is always calculated from the last contract signed.
  • Final payment is due on the day of the installation. If I will be unable to provide a cheque or credit card number to the installer, I will make alternative arrangements to provide payment to Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd. The day of the installation.
  • We the customer are responsible for removing and re-installing all window coverings and hardware in advance of the installation date, including a 2-4 foot work area. This applies outside also - regarding plants, furniture, toys, bikes, snow, etc.
  • Weather may delay my install and notice could be as little as one hour. There will be no compensation for this. I will be contacted, within a reasonable amount of time, of the new install date.
  • Plumbing and electrical issues are the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • All window and door configurations are from the outside looking in.
  • I have been made aware of the warranty, service requests and other important information are available on the Sunrise Windows & Door Depot website.



  • We require a 50% deposit to get the order initiated.
  • *Projects require a 1/3 payment to get the order initialized. Another 1/3 is due prior to installation and the remaining 1/3 shall be due on the final install day*
  • Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd. Will only accept credit card payments to a maximum amount of $3000.00 for each order including deposit. Any amount over will be subject to a 3% Administration Fee.
  • Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd. Will NOT accept credit card payments for Projects.
  • The installer will do one more final measure. You may or may not be contacted during this process.
  • Our "Installation Department" will contact you to set up an install date. This is approximately 8 weeks after signing the contract. The final payment is to be given to the installer on installation day.
  • Unforeseen labour charges may be possible. Examples may be wide casing required or rot is found once window/door is removed. The installer will inform the customer, and payment will be required during installation day.



  • Installation crews will arrive; morning between 9 am & 12 pm, or afternoon 12 pm & 4 pm, unless informed otherwise.
  • 2-1/4" standard pre-primed casing will be supplied and installed, but will require filling and finishing, by the customer. You may have paint lines after the install.
  • I give my permission for a lawn sign to be placed on my lawn during the installation and possibly a week after. Your sales associate will arrange for pick up, if sign is left on site.
  • Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd. Is not responsible for any exterior stucco or interior plaster repair. Stucco and plaster cracks are possible and are the responsibility of the customer to repair.
  • We cannot guarantee the exact colour match between the products (windows, doors), the caulking and the aluminum capping. Certain colours are not available for caulking or aluminum capping, so the closest match will be used.
  • Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd. Is not responsible for any landscaping damage, due care will be taken as much as possible.
  • Our installers work for us and have their instructions, so if you have complaints or requests please address them to your Installation Coordinator.



  • I give permission for pictures to be taken before, during, and after install. These pictures are the property of Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd. And may be used in marketing literature.
  • I am aware that due to possible size changes in my windows, my current blinds and window coverings may not fit and that Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd. Is in no way responsible for the reinstallation or replacement of these window coverings.
  • Only door hardware purchased from Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd. Will be installed.
  • Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd. Does not sell storm doors or remove and replace existing storm doors. I am aware that my existing storm door may not fit my newly installed door and frame.
  • All products such as door slabs, frames, window casings, wood stops and finish trim are installed in an unfinished condition and must be painted/stained by the customer. Interior finishing such as painting, drywall repair is the responsibility of the homeowner. Products must be painted/stained, with two coats within 30 days.
  • All old windows/doors will be hauled away by Sunrise Windows' Installers. A clean up of site and debris will take place, but you will have to do a detail clean.
  • Except for obvious marks, caulking, etc. which must be removed from PVC or glass, our installers will not be cleaning/washing your windows.
  • All re-keying of Hardware must be completed by a Certified Locksmith. Failure to comply will void all hardware warranties
  • *Projects; Deficiencies inspection will be done once the project is complete by your Sales Representative and our Project Manager.*
  • *Projects; Deficiency sheets are given to each tenant to fill out. These sheets are to be returned to our office within 7 days of project completion.*


Please contact your Sales Representative with any questions

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