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Better rebates than government program!

After much review of the window upgrade rebate program offered by the Alberta Government, Sunrise Windows and Door Depot Ltd. has decided not to register with them for several reasons.

Although our windows we manufacture would have qualified for this program, we felt that it wasn’t fair to those customers wanting to replace their windows with something other than triple pane, low-e argon windows. This is one of the requirements of the government program and can be quite costly and is not for everyone. We want to give our customers the choice of buying an energy efficient window manufactured here in Alberta and provide them with more incentives. With our program starting May 1, we offer:

• Rebates on any window type
• Rebates on doors
• No application process
• Rebate amounts are deducted at the time of order
• Better rebates than government program
• In-house installers

The following is a comparison of the Government program to Sunrise Windows program:

Government Program Sunrise Windows Program
Maximum rebate $1500Maximum rebate $1500
Triple pane, low-e argon windowsAny window type
Contract installersIn-house installers
Must apply for rebate after installationNo application required
You won't know what the rebate amount will be until you receive itYou will know and receive the amount of the rebate at the time of signing
Doors do not qualify for rebateDoors do qualify for rebate

The windows we manufacture and install can increase the value of your home, reduce energy loss and can reduce the level of noise coming into your home.

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