Standard Window / Door Colors

Exterior Finishes ​On All Windows
Exterior/Interior ​F​inishes ​On All Doors

No matter what your colour inspiration is for ​your window​s and door​s​, Sunrise Windows & Doors has 256 to choose from!

Deep, rich and long lasting are a few words that describe the colour difference Sunrise Windows has to offer. From subtle earth tones to bold, attention grabbing hues, our colours stand out for its beauty as well for its legendary durability. We also provide you with a limited 10 year warranty that resists undue fading and chalking.

A “no worry” durable paint colour was top priority when Sunrise Windows developed its patented, high performance automated coating process that lets all ​of ​ our products look g​reat​ on the outside as tough ​as they are on the inside. Sunrise Windows provides a consistent superior finish with reflectors added so that any colour can be applied, including dark colours without voiding the warranty.

Standard colours that will match all available soffits, fascia and capping colours plus more for your unlimited imagination.

431 Bright White

532 Almond

510 Canyon Clay

538 Wicker

559 Pebble

523 Slate

547 Sable

525 Black

556 Forest Green

568 Nutmeg

514 Cashmere

507 Tan

562 Commercial Brown

265 Antique Brown

557 Dark Drift

569 Saddle Brown

513 Moonlit Moss

5P5 Graphite

5P6 Iron Ore

567 Burgundy

542 Old World Blue

518 Red

Over 1600 Custom Colors Are Available!

We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible, however printed images are intended as a guide only. All colors are approximations of actual colors and a reasonable degree of color finish variation can be expected during production line application.

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