Frequently Asked Questions

Can windows be installed in the winter?

Yes they can, however once we reach -15 degrees Celsius, the install will be cancelled. The caulking will not adhere or cure properly. Also we must consider the safety of our installers.

Will I still get condensation on my windows?

It is possible when you have installed new energy efficient windows, as they have a better seal. Indoor humidity levels rise as air leakage has been reduced. Monitor the humidity in your house. See Condensation

What are better, sliding or cranking windows?

Sliding windows still use felt weather stripping and they hook on to each other. If you have a driving wind, there will be a slight air breach. Where as cranking windows use rubber seals, and once locked, the air leakage is non-existant.

How long does it take to install windows?

A regular window replacement takes approximately an hour, as long as there is no special requirements.

Why should I buy triple glazed windows?

Higher energy efficiency, reduced condensation on glass, and reduce convection.

Will my old blinds fit in the new window frames?

If they are full frame replacements then no because your frame size has changed.

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