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Sunrise Windows
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Condominium & Apartment Project Specialists


At Sunrise Windows we have a proven track record of experience with both residential and commercial properties. As a manufacturer of windows and doors we can custom make our product so it is designed to fit your project needs and budget. We can help aid you in the three simple steps for a successful replacement project.

  • Information: We can help you choose products that will meet today's building codes as well as Energy Star Canada's stringent guidelines.
  • Contract and Terms: A contract will be drawn up to detail exactly what product you will be receiving so there are no surprises. Sunrise Windows also has a Customer Checklist strictly designed for projects so the management company or condo board knows what to expect in terms or payment, installation, and after sales service.
  • Qualified Professionals: From your sales representative to our specialized project installation crew, Sunrise Windows can provide professional and knowledgeable staff to help ensure your project is a success.

We offer a wide variety of frame styles, colors, and glass options that will compliment any existing architecture. Our multi story windows are designed according to current local building codes and meet the needs for both the interior and exterior complexes. Each Sunrise window and door is custom built in our manufacturing plant to meet the exact specifications of any property manager and/or board committee.

Some property managers or condo board will look at the difference between replacing certain window at a time versus doing a building wide replacement. While it is more than possible to do a project in stages there are several advantages to completing the entire building at one time.

  • There is less work to each condo owner. The condo committee or management company will be able to oversee the entire project rather than each individual unit owner.
  • There are price breaks and/or incentives offered for larger purchases.
  • Fewer problems or margin of error. One project means one window replacement company and one manufacturer. Warranties and service issues will be easier.
  • Protection for your building. Uniform windows and doors will help ensure that the wind load requirements of the building are maintained.
  • Safety in numbers. If you choose impact resistance products such as tempered glass, the windows and doors in the entire building must be replaced to reap the benefits.
  • Curb appeal. Using a variety of window brands in the same building will throw your buildings design out of balance. Utilizing one company will provide a uniform exterior.
  • Return on investment. The real estate value of all units will increase.

When the time comes for replacement windows in a condominium or apartment building, consider that Sunrise Windows and Doors represents an investment in lasting quality, and is backed by a solid manufacturer's warranty. Call today to get your free estimate.

Coming Soon ~ Condominium/Project Seminars

At Sunrise Windows we provide an unbiased education seminar to better educate consumers on what they need to know BEFORE purchasing new windows and doors. We offer a range of information such as:

  • Are all Windows and Doors created equal?
  • Are all vinyl windows white?
  • What is Energy Star and what does it mean to you?
  • Should I install it myself or hire a professional?
  • What is in a warranty and how to understand the small differences?
  • Is where the product is made important?
  • What kind of dollars should I be looking to invest? Are you spending your money wisely?