Condominium / Apartment Project Specialists

Sunrise Windows has a proven track record of experience with both residential and condominium projects. As a manufacture of windows and doors, our products are custom designed to fit your needs and budget. Along with our own in-house installers, you can be confident that you have chosen the best company to manufacture and install your custom products. This is what makes Sunrise Windows the number one choice for project renovations!

Sunrise Windows provides exceptional support to property managers and condo boards to successfully complete all window and door projects. This is what we will do for you ...

Provide Information

We will help you choose the products that will fit your budget and review the installation process as they can occur in stages or at one time, depending on your requirements. As well, we will ensure that your window and doors meet today's building codes and performance standards needed for Alberta's tough climate.

Contract & Terms

We will provide a comprehensive contract outlining the products to be manufactured, installation schedule, terms of payment, warranties and post installation service, so there are no surprises.

Qualified Professionals

From our sales representatives to our specialized and certified project installation crews, our professional and knowledgeable staff will be there to help ensure your project is a success.


We can offer you a wide variety of window styles, frame sizes, colors, glass and door options that will compliment any existing architecture. Our approved multi story windows and doors are designed according to current local building codes and can meet or exceed performance levels that are required. Every window and door is custom built in our manufacturing plant to meet the exact specifications or requirements of any project.

Warranties & Service

We exceed most warranties in the window and door industry. We also offer a 24/7 online service request form should ever require service on one of our superior products. Sunrise Windows will always be there if you should you ever need us

Blanket Purchase Orders

Sunrise Windows can help with you with projects costing $100,000 or more, by offering a Blanket Order contract which helps with your budgeting. A Blanket Order contract is basically a purchase order made between Sunrise Windows and the customer, containing multiple contracts and delivery dates over a specified period of time. This type of contract is made so that the customer can take advantage of pre-determined pricing, for one example.

Advantages of Blanket Orders

  •   The price breaks and/or incentives that are offered for large purchases will save you time and money.
  •   One stop shopping for all you window and door products including installation.
  •   The installed products for your project makes warranties and service issues easier if they arise.
  •   Protection for your building – uniform windows and doors will help ensure that wind load requirements are maintained.
  •   Safety and efficiency in numbers. If you choose to replace the windows and doors with impact resistant products such as tempered glass or energy low E glass, all of the windows and doors in the building must be replaced to ensure the benefits of the products.
  •   Maintain curb appeal! By using difference window products from several window companies can be visually noticeable and unsightly. It can also throw the balance off of the design. Select products from one company to maintain a uniform exterior look.
  •   Increases the real estate value of the building.
  •   Contract negotiations are only done once as the agreed pricing is firm with only one exception. Should any of the composite prices at Sunrise Windows increases, that increase will be reflected and added to the subsequent contract. These types of increases are capped every year at a maximum of 12% guaranteed, and only if there is an actual increase.
  •   Peace of Mind

Recent Projects Successfully Completed by Sunrise Windows

Sheridan Place 107 Avenue & 227 Street Bella Management Phase 2
Ashton Court 106 Avenue & 110 Street KDM Management
Victory Village 36 Street & 145 Avenue Victory Village Condo Associate Phase 2
Brander Village Riverbend Road Bella Management

When it's time to replace the windows and doors for your condominium or apartment building, consider Sunrise Windows and Door Depot for all your project needs.

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