Security Screen Doors

Guardian Security Screen Doors

This is quite possibly the first security screen door ever made that balances the protection of a solid security door with the classy elegance of a full/half view storm door.

Most real estate agents will tell you that doors with metal security bars can actually decrease the value of your home which makes Sunrise Window’s Guardian Security Screen Door a perfect alternative for your home. The perfect security screen door!

What is a Security Screen?

We get asked this question a lot. We start by clarifying that security screens are unlike those undesirable security bars because they give a home or business that “institutional" appearance, although they perform a similar function. Also, security screens do not take away from the curb appeal that most people desire as well as feeling safe when at home or while you’re away. Our security screens are made from high tensile stainless steel marine grade mesh that are screwed and fitted into heavy duty galvanized steel reinforced frames so any vandal or intruder could not cut or penetrate through it, but yet still provides all the light and ventilation of a screen door. Bottom line, you get no bars, no grills. Just security with a clear view!

Stylish and Secure

Our Guradian Security Screen Doors come in a multitude of standard sizes as well as over 25 standard or premium colours. You can also choose between 3 different models and 2 different handle designs. Our maximum strength steel frames take protection “to the max" and are perfect for residential, cottage or any other properties that require the maximum security, maintaining an incredibly aesthetically pleasing style and appearance.

Benefits of the Security Screen Door

  • will not damage or void your warranty of your entrance door, like most storm doors do
  • security screen mesh cannot be cut with a box cutter or similar knives, ultimate in safety
  • withstands the impact of sledgehammers, hammers, crowbars, baseball bats and other typical break and enter tools
  • screens out flies, mosquitoes and other insects while allowing light and fresh air to flow through
  • provides energy savings by reducing the need of air conditioning
  • blocks an average of 60% of harmful UV rays, reducing the fading of the paint on your exterior doors.
  • pets and unwanted wildlife proof - dogs, cats and other domestic or wild animals cannot chew or claw through the mesh
  • provides a barrier to unlawful entry into home by discouraging intruders from break-ins and vandalism
  • prevents intruders from gaining access, while also providing homeowners with ease of use for entry and exit
  • stamped-kick panel for added rigidity, reinforced corners with 4 stainless steel hinges, made strong and secure for a long life, trouble-free operation
  • 12 x 12 marine grade 028 stainless steel wire mesh, minimum 800 lb. tensile and 22 gauge G90 hot dipped galvanized steel lock-seam construction frame for long life durability
  • a multitude of colour options that are baked on polyester powder paints, electrostatically applied to suit your personal needs and tastes

Tested & Certified Security Screen Door

Sunrise Windows, Guardian Security Screen Door models 1700, 1800, 1900 have been tested and certified, meeting the performance requirements for “Medium" security door classification in the ANSI-SMA 6001-2002 specifications.

*Certified test results available upon request.
"Heavy" certified security doors are also available upon request.

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