Prestige Patio Doors

No matter what you are looking for in a door, the Prestige patio door has it. With a multitude of features, this door gives you virtually unlimited possibilities. Whether you need an unlimited number of multi-panel configurations, colours or hardware, or whether you want a multi-chamber wood-bucked frame with variable jamb width, a fixed panel support converting to a slider track and a universal H-mullion design, the Prestige Series has it! It has frame profiles that extend the wood core’s width to allow application with varying wall thickness (and different climates), along with a more rigid frame and an all vinyl sill which maintains the durability you want. The Prestige Series is one of the most versatile patio doors available today, and only from Sunrise Windows.


  •   5 7/8” depth on a wood with vinyl clad multi-chamber profile design.
  •   A 10° sill slope which optimizes water-tightness and drainage.
  •   Metal reinforced sashes.
  •   Superior insulating characteristics.
  •   Low-E glass coating keeps out harmful UV rays, protecting your belongings.
  •   2, 3, or 4-panel combinations add style and unparallelled security to your home.
  •   Targeted anti-theft designs make removal of door panels virtually impossible.
  •   Central, interlock construction on all moldings make the Prestige patio door water-tight and anti-theft.
  •   Double point handles are secure with a good grip. Plus, they come in multiple colour options!
  •   Our Prestige patio doors come in a variety of colours.
  •   Double or triple plane glazing available as well as a miniblinds option.
  •   Sunrise Windows offers a limited 20-year warranty that keeps your budget and your home secure.

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