Premium Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is an amazing material that is finally starting to outshine natural wood when it comes to exterior doors. Everyone wants the beauty of real wood, but not the maintenance. Stained fiberglass looks virtually identical to natural wood; however, it does not require the routine maintenance that wood does. It also offers other benefits as well; fiberglass will not rot, crack or split and is very stable so it can be counted on for trouble free performance in a variety of weather conditions. Our Premium Fiberglass doors are available in a variety of sizes and designs to work with the architecture of any home. The textured designs can be painted or stained and smooth designs can be painted.

HydroShield Technology

Our doors are available in all kinds of colours to match all styles.

Environmentally Friendly

Fiberglass features the lowest embodied energy when compared to other common door materials. Fiberglass doors also greatly reduce the pressure on wood products and the environmental services that forests provide.


Fiberglass is a stable material which provides an ideal base for a full range of finishes, allowing the finish to last three times longer than a wood door. This material is so tough that it will withstand extremes from arctic cold to blazing desert heat or the rugged seacoast. Unlike wood doors, fiberglass doors will not rot, warp, split or crack, and unlike aluminum and steel doors, fiberglass doors will not dent or corrode.

Energy Efficiency

Sunrise Fiberglass Doors have an environmentally friendly CFC free polyurethane foam core that offers up to five times the energy efficiency of wood doors. The double or triple glazed insulating glass used on all Sunrise entrance doors also greatly helps cut heating and cooling costs.


Fiberglass doors are more resistant to forced entry than wood doors. The 16” wood lock block used on our doors adds more strength and security to the door.


Our Smooth-Fiber doors are either factory-finished or factory-primed. Factory-primed doors can be painted any colour using a high quality, semi-gloss, exterior grade oil-based paint. Our Wood-N-Fiber doors can be painted or stained to match your architectural requirements.

Strong Warranty

Sunrise Fiberglass Doors are backed by a lifetime limited warranty to be free of manufacturer’s defect.

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