Garden & Double Doors

Underlying the beautiful appearance of our garden doors is a tough, durable construction design that puts you in charge of the elements — fresh air when it suits you, as well as complete protection against poor weather and temperature extremes. Sunrise garden doors are available in Premium Fiberglass (wood grain and smooth finish) as well as Titan Steel.

Featuring two insulated steel slabs mounted in a single frame, these doors are available as in-swing or out-swing. Both varieties are outfitted with co-compression weather stripping to ensure secure seals and close tightly against even the harshest weather.


  •   Heavy duty sill extension for improved drainage, functionality and weather protection.
  •   360° compression weatherstripping.
  •   Optional raise/lower and tilt shades and blinds.
  •   Extruded aluminum fixed screen or sliding screen with adjustable steel ball bearings included.
  •   All decorative glass lines available.
  •   Custom and standard interior jamb options available in paint or stain grade.
  •   Tempered glass for optimal safety and practical use.
  •   For additional security, a non-removable hinge pin, plus two sash locks are installed on each door (out-swing only).
  •   High performance Low-E argon gas thermal units.
  •   Engineered wood cladded centre T-post astragal that provides superior structural strength and support to the garden door system.


In-swing garden doors are the more traditional alternative, with oine operable and one fixed door plus a sliding ventiliation screen.


Out-swing garden doors include one panel opening as an entryway and the other opening with a crank, allowing as much or as little air to enter as you wish.

Garden Door
Terrace Door
Double Door w/ Screen

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