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Despite our dedication to the highest standards and quality, it is still possible that one of our components may fail. Our excellent guaranties have been conceived with you and this in mind.

Sunrise Windows not only manufactures and installs your windows and doors they are also serviced and warranted by Sunrise Windows own Service Technicians for your peace of mind.

To report a warranty claim or service request you can contact our service team by using the request form below. This not only helps track your service request efficiently but keeps a record in your file on your windows and/or doors for future reference.

At Sunrise Windows you’re a customer for life!

Acknowledgment of your service request will be within 48 - 72 hours, not including weekends, holidays or the Christmas shutdown (December 20 to January 6).

An average service request completion 2 - 4 weeks depending on weather and materials.

Service Request Form

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Customers of Sunrise Windows must provide a valid SO# or proof of purchase as per the provisions of the Sunrise Windows Warranty. Failure to do so may decline your service request or a pre-paid fee may be required as per the discretion of Sunrise Windows. Sunrise Windows will only re-provide a valid SO# to purchases 2 years from the date of the service request.

Customers, who purchased their windows and/or doors through a Sunrise Windows dealer/builder/contractor, must obtain there SO# from their dealer/builder/contractor from whom they purchased the windows and/or doors from. They must register with Sunrise Windows on our on-line Warranty Registration Form within 90 days of purchase to validate their warranty.

Customers who received windows and/or doors from Sunrise Windows through our Sunrise Windows Project Division must obtain their SO# and "permission of service" from their Condo Board and/or their Property Management Company.

Product Type: PVC Windows

Product Type: Entry Doors

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Sunrise Windows is not responsible for paint or any other refinishing required after the remedial work is complete. Sunrise Windows reserves the right to investigate the reason for the product failure after a claim has been made and if it is determined that the product was damaged by negligence, misuse or wilful conduct on the part of the customer or any other person not associated with Sunrise Window, no remedy shall be available to the customer. In the case of discontinued products or components, the closest available match will be used. Colours on replacement products may vary from original.

After submitting a claim, Sunrise Windows will review the claim and contact the customer within a reasonable time thereafter.

Sunrise Windows shall have the right to charge a reasonable fee to cover its expenses in the event that an on-site inspection is required or requested by the customer. Sunrise Windows shall reimburse the customer for the full amount of the fee if the claim is determined to be covered by the warranty upon investigation of defect.

Before requesting a service call, please review our warranties on product and installations as it may help you avoid the minimum charge of $180.00 per hour.

See Product Warranties and Installation Warranties on our website.
We thank you for your cooperation

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* Glass breakage or stress cracks is not a warranty item or defect in the product. See more on Glass Breakage and Glass Specifications on our website.

* Condensation is not a warranty item or defect in the product. See more on Condensation on our website.

* Adjustments on window and doors are warranted for 90 days on all products installed by Sunrise Windows Installations. See more on Adjustments on our website.

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