Original Residential Consumer Warranty for Sunrise Windows Installation Services

Limited Installation Warranty


(1) This Document sets out the various warranties which Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd. (Sunrise Windows) gives to the Original Consumers relating to installation services of products or components, products manufactured by Sunrise Windows for residential projects (Sunrise Windows Products) (Installation Services) provided by Sunrise Windows or contractors of Sunrise Windows who are expressly authorized by Sunrise Windows to represent themselves as Sunrise Windows installation contractors (Authorized Sunrise Windows Contractors).

(2) Installation Services do not include any services for staining, painting, sealing or maintenance even if performed by an Authorized Installation Services.

(3) Original Consumers are the original purchaser of the Installation Services and the owner of the building in respect of which the Installation Services are provided at the time they are provided.

(4) Subject to all terms herein Sunrise Windows warrants to the original consumer purchaser (Owner) of its installation services that the workmanship of Sunrise Windows will substantially conform to generally accepted installation practices. Sunrise Windows reserves the right to employ installation methods and practices that it believes, in its sole discretion, to be equal to or improve upon generally accepted installation practice, or might be otherwise reasonably necessary to effect the installation covered under the terms of this warranty.


Subject to the exclusions described below, Sunrise Windows provides a limited warranty on Installations Services for 5 years from the date of the contract. Installation Services are provided against defects or damages to Sunrise Windows Products that were the subject of those Installation Services caused by improper installation or workmanship. This warranty does not include any damages caused by failure to perform normal maintenance items described in Sunrise Windows Maintenance and Warranty Guide including, without limitation, caulking and cleaning of the Sunrise Windows Products.

Shifting or movement of the structure including but not limited to, including expansion and contraction,cannot be the responsibility of Sunrise Windows, nor are consequential damages of repair or replacement where such movement has occurred. Our Authorized Installers will build in such tolerances as industry standards provide, but this is no guarantee that movement will not cause binding or breakage, beyond our control. Sunrise Windows will however provide a one time window,door and hardware adjustment warranty from 90 days after installation of the product on all supply and install purchases only.Sunrise Window products are subject to weather and seasonal changes resulting in required regular maintenance and adjustment by the purchaser.

Any expansion foam insulation used in door installations will void this provision of the warranty.

General Exclusions / Limitation on Liability / Remedies

All of these warranties will be valid only if the products are properly finished, painted, sealed and maintained. In addition Sunrise Windows will have no liability for damages or defects due to:

-Accident or negligence in handling by anyone other than Sunrise Windows or an Authorized Sunrise Windows Contractor;
- Accident or negligence in use or operation
- Modifications or attachments not authorized by Sunrise Windows
- Perils such as fire, earthquake, storms, acts of nature, acts of war, acts of terrorism or any cause beyond Sunrise Windows control
- Improper finishing or failure to provide finishing, improper maintenance, improper operation,or failure to maintain as per the guidance in Sunrise Windows Maintenance and Warranty Guide
- Variance in the coloration and grain pattern of natural wood parts, products or components
- Damage occurring prior to installation while the Sunrise Windows Products are being stored on Original Consumer's site prior to installation
- Window products or glass products or components in high humidity areas such as swimming pools, hot tubs, greenhouse or similar enclosures or proximity to large bodies of water
- Condensation or frost on the interior or exterior of windows and doors, or any related water damage which occurs as the natural result of humidity within the structure
- Settlement or shifting of the building structure or structural defect in the building in which the products or components are installed
- Exposure to localized heat or harmful chemicals or pollutants
- Window shades, blinds or curtains installed in a manner that will trap heat against the window surface
- Excludes all storm doors,door knobs,locking devices, or accent and accessory hardware as they are subject to weather and seasonal changes resulting in required regular maintenance and adjustment
- Excludes pre-existing conditions of the home, i.e: dry-rot, cracked stucco, leaking siding, existing leaks, or weather damage, unfinished exterior trim that we install
- Exact color match between the products (windows, doors), the caulking and the aluminum capping. Certain colors are not available for caulking or aluminum capping, so the closest match will be used
- Damage due to alarm installations, removal of alarm wires or pins as these are the responsibility of the Original Consumer
- Painting or staining of the interior trim or paint lines not concealed by trim
- Window washing or moving of furniture from the work area
- Work for which full payment, in satisfaction of all project obligations,has not been cleared with Sunrise Windows. Any payment in arrears from Owner or other responsible party will exclude coverage under this warranty
- Minor damage of aesthetic abnormality caused during installation including but not limited to, paint chipping, drywall or plaster damage, tile or sill cracks or breakage, siding marring, moldings damage, brick cracks or chipping
- Normal wear and tear, weathering and / or corrosion of surfaces / hardware
- Removal and re-installation of window coverings including, but not limited to, blinds, curtains, curtain rods and brackets
- Any window coverings not fitting the new windows
- Shrubs, flowers, plants or trees
- Electrical, plumbing or alarm system work.

Additional Provisions

Sunrise Windows will make every effort to ensure we stay within the estimated installation time frame but we do not guarantee any installation date. Sunrise Windows does not offer any monetary compensation for lost time or wages due to cancellation or delays during installation.

No distributor, dealer or representative of Sunrise Windows shall have the authority to change, modify or expand this warranty and any purported modification to this warranty shall be of no force or effect.

Limits On Liability, Claims, and Exclusive Remedy

Limitation On Liability

This warranty sets forth the maximum liability for Sunrise Windows in relation to its installation services, in no event shall Sunrise Windows be liable for any personal injury, lost profits, loss of use, punitive, incidental or consequential damages, regardless of the nature of the claim and whether or not occasioned by Sunrise Windows negligence. In no event shall the liability of Sunrise Windows exceed the price of the services provided.

Limitation On Claims For Personal Injury and Property Damage

Appropriate upkeep and usage is required to ensure all systems integrated into a Sunrise Windows product and its installation function properly. Owner shall have no claim outside the terms of this warranty against Sunrise Windows for any alleged failure of a lock, latch, or screen to prevent entry or prevent falls. Owner shall have no claim outside the terms of this warranty against Sunrise Windows for any alleged failure to integrate alarm or life safety systems to ensure proper functioning. Owner shall have no claim outside the terms of this warranty against Sunrise Windows for any injury or property damage(s) alleged to have been caused or contributed to by allergens or biological growth attributed to product performance. Any personal injuries or property damages resulting from use, non-use, or improper usage of the product(s), including claims relating to alarms, life safety devices, mold, mildew, allergens, hardware, screens, privacy latches or sashes are excluded. Screens are not fall prevention devices.


Where Installation Services are covered by a warranty provided by this document, remedies of the Original Consumer are limited to the following, either of which may be chosen by Sunrise Windows at its option.
(a) Correction of the Installation Services but there is no warranty coverage for labor for painting, refinishing, restoration or any other similar costs at any time; or

(b) Refund the original purchase price of the Installation Services

The forgoing are the only remedies Sunrise Windows will provide, whether the claim is made for a breach of warranty or any other type of claim. Where Installation Services are corrected by Sunrise Windows under a warranty claim, Sunrise Windows warrants the Installation Services will be free from defects in workmanship, subject to the exclusions, disclaimers and limitations contained in this document, for the balance of the warranty period that was originally applicable to the original Installation Services that were corrected or 90 days from the date that the corrected Installation Services were provided, whichever period is longer.

Process For Warranty Claim

In order to make a claim under this warranty

(a) As soon as possible upon discovery of a defect in workmanship, contact Sunrise Windows directly,

By Mail:
Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd.
6724-50 Street
Edmonton, AB T6B 3M9

BY E-Mail:
Fill Out A Service Request Form

(b) You will be required to to provide the following information to make a claim;
- Model, Product description and SO (Sales Order) number
- Proof of place and price of product purchase
- Verification of date of manufacture, if indicated on product
- Detailed description of the defect
- Full name and address and phone number(s) of original consumer and;
- Date of installation and authorization

(c) After submitting a claim, Sunrise Windows will review the claim and contact the consumer within a reasonable time thereafter.

(d) Sunrise Windows shall have the right to charge a reasonable fee to cover its expenses in the event that an on-site inspection is required or requested by the consumer. Sunrise Windows shall reimburse the consumer for the full amount of the fee if the claim is determined to be covered by this warrant upon investigation of defect.

Poor Installation is judged according to industry standards and practices and will be determined by Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd.

The Warranties provide are made only to the Original Consumer as defined under item #1. General and may not be assigned by the Original Consumer.

Service Calls

Despite are dedication to the highest standards it is still possible that one our components may fail. Our excellent guarantees have been conceived with you in mind.

Sunrise Windows representatives are committed to providing the best after sales service where and when it was needed. We are, however, too frequently required make calls beyond our control and responsibility. Before requesting a service call, please review our warranty and Installation Services. It may help to avoid the minimum charge of $180.00. We thank-you for the your cooperation.

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