DIY Vinyl Frame Repair - Scratches

To remove scratches from our vinyl window frames, follow these steps supplied by Sunrise Windows below.

1) Fill a bucket with water and add some liquid dish soap to it.

2) Wet the scratched area.

3) Using a wet piece of 600 grit wet/dry sand paper. Lightly sand the scratched area in a circular motion until the scratch starts to fade away.

4) Then wet a 1200 grit wet/dry sand paper and sand the surface again in a circular motion. The sand paper needs to be very wet at all times to remove any swirls.

5) Rinse the vinyl and then apply a spray car wax on a rag and rub the vinyl surface to bring back any amount of lost shine.

DIY Vinyl Frame Repair-Damages

There also are kits you can buy for vinyl damage that can repair chips and gouges, some damage you can not repair yourself and requires a professional Vinyl Repair Specialist such as Fibrenew, for more severe damages such as broken vinyl extrusion edges or large holes.

Contact: or call 780-722-5849 ... Don Barnhouse

Sunrise Windows Liquid PVC Weld

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To repair gouges, small holes and cracks ... $29.99+Gst tube

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