DIY Casement / Awning Adjustments

Instructions For Sash Adjustments

Casement windows that swing open and close like a door and have hinges along one side will usually work for many years without trouble. But in time most will require some periodic treatment to keep them operating smoothly. As they age, some no longer close as snugly as they should, allowing cold drafts and even water to enter when a storm strikes.

Fortunately, most such problems can be corrected with minor repairs or adjustments and are not to difficult for the homeowner ... in this section we will show you how to make adjustments as part of your maintenance ... see all other requirements under maintence on this web site.

1) The amount of sash drag that this hinge will correct for is dependent on the ratio of the sash width vs the sash height.To calculate the amount of sash drag adjustment for any given window size-take the ratio of the width to height multiplied by 1/16".

Example:Sash size equals 24"x36"-Width to Height ratio is .667
Total adjustment is .667 x 1/16" = 042" (approx 3/64")

2) To adjust the casement sash, first fully open the window. Next slip the adjustment wrench (Truth Part #31887) on to the base of the stud., found between the support arm and the track of the lower hinge. Swinging the wrench away from the lock side of the window will decrease the amount of sash drag......The maximum sash drag adjustment is reached when the stud flats are parallel to the track.

Please Note: Turning the stud flats beyond parallel will not increase the sash drag correction.

3) For severe sash drag, a similar procedure can be used on the upper hinge. Upper hinge adjustment is made by swinging the wrench toward the lock side of the window. ....The maximum sash drag is reached when the stud flats are parallel to the track.

Please Note: Maxium adjustment may cause binding as the window is closed-Please use caution

4) Stud may be adjusted with 3/8" wrench if support arm is removed before adjustment. Truth wrenches that are made specific for window hardware are available from Sunrise Windows at a cost of $23.95+GST.

5) Awning maintenance adjustments if required are best done by a Sunrise Windows Service Technician ... See Service Request.

6) Window adjustments are warranted and performed by Sunrise Windows Service Technician for 90 days ... See warranty for details

VIDEO: JELD-WEN-Casement Sash Adjustment

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