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Tired of White Windows?


Every Colour under the Sun

Consumer demands for colour in the vinyl window and door industry is growing quickly. This is in part due to the homeowners desire to personalize their purchase as well as the historical precedent for colour, as set by both the aluminum and wood window markets. Traditional approaches to altering the look of white vinyl include pigmenting the vinyl, foil laminates and cap stock~ all in which are in most cases supplied by the extrusion supplier with a host of primary drawbacks.

The convenience of the increasing demand for colour and the existence of an environmentally friendly painting process present the customer with a unique "value added" opportunity for their window and door choices.

Interior & Exterior Colour

Choosing the colour of your new PVC window is an important part of the process when buying new or replacement windows.

Many people match their new windows to the colour of their soffits, fascia, and eaves troughs or other prominent colour schemes in their homes. There are several ways to add colour to PVC windows. Colour options range from full interior and exterior, just exterior, or if you are looking for a splash of colour to match the color scheme of your home and would like to accomplish it in the most economical way, adding coloured brickmould would be the answer.

Sunrise Windows can create or match any colour you like. Whatever you need to complement your home, we can create exactly that colour for your Sunrise Windows and Doors.

Colour Coatings

New exterior coatings for vinyl windows and doors combine better performance with environmental responsibility. Rainbow Colour Coatings come with our exclusive "Exterior Colour Ten year Warranty" which include undue fade!

What is so special about this coating?

Rainbow Colour Coating offers superior long-term film integrity, colour and gloss retention for vinyl windows or steel and fiberglass doors. Rainbow Colour Coating will give you the confidence of knowing that the finish on your windows or doors is the best available.

Rainbow Colour Coating is a proprietary single component and water based coating. It cures to form a protective carbonite diamond clear finish that provides a unique combination of toughness, flexibility, and durability, resisting the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, pollutants, abrasive agents and acid rain.

Rainbow Colour Coating contains no harmful chemicals that hurt the environment. It is water based and contains no solvents. Because of its easy to handle qualities, it is a field applicable product.

Why is Rainbow Colour Coating Important?

Our vinyl windows give you colour that lasts. During the manufacturing process the colour is bonded to the UPVC at a molecular level, ensuring stable, vibrant colour that does not fade over the years. What's more, the colour coating is heat cured for a smooth finish that resists abrasions, impacts, weathering, and fading under intense sun or weather conditions.

Selected pigments with heat reflective properties have been used to formulate Rainbow Colour Coating. This reduces heat buildup and maintains a low component material temperature that avoids warping up to 60C. The heat absorption on a hot summer day to melt or distort uPVC would require a constant heat build-up in direct sun at perpendicular 90 angles. Only in the winter month of December is the sun usually at this direct angle. In addition, this severe condition would require clear skies with no wind. The ability to reduce temperature buildup for dark colours allows Sunrise Windows to offer a much wider range of colours than could be previously offered.

Don't take our word for it though, call us and arrange to see the samples. You will be amazed by the quality!