7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

It only takes a moment to make a lasting first impression. If you wear a suit to a job interview, you're more likely to give a better impression than someone who wears a ragged t-shirt and jeans. If you smile freely and talk openly, you might make friends more quickly than someone who frowns and stays hidden in the corner.

The same applies to your house.

Whether you're getting ready to sell your home or simply want to make it more inviting for your friends and family, your home's appearance can make a lasting impression. If your house is looking a little shabby on the outside, fewer people will want to take a peek at its inside.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to improve your home's curb appeal.

Make Your Entrance an Invitation

Your door is the gateway and the focal point to your home, so make it as inviting and friendly as possible. Installing a new door will not only give your home added security, it will revitalize the appearance of your home. Custom wood doors can give your home a sense of old-fashioned charm while a splash of color will add personality and flair.

If your door is in good shape already, take the time to clean away any dirty spots or polish any metal fixtures. Adding a shiny new door knocker will invite people to knock on your door and come inside, and even small details such as adding a decorative wreath or a creative doormat can brighten up an entrance.

Light Up Your Life

Because the door is the focal point to your home, you'll need to find subtle ways of drawing the eye to that point. Installing decorative, low-voltage outdoor lighting can provide a nighttime trail to your front steps. If it's difficult to install wiring, you can opt for environmentally friendly solar lights to illuminate a walking path or accent a nearby tree.

Additionally, installing a security light will make it easier for late-night guests to find their way from their car to your door, and vice versa.

Dress Up Your Driveway

Your driveway is another path leading your guests to your front door, or at least your garage. So, take care to repair any cracks in the concrete or remove any weeds that are growing along its sides. You can also power wash your driveway and walkways to remove grime and other buildup.

If needed, widen your driveway to make room for additional cars and consider adding stone and brick to dress up your driveway and make it more appealing.

Don't Shy from Shutters

The eyes are the windows to your soul, and in a poetic way, the windows are the eyes of your house. Just like adding mascara to eyelashes makes them appear larger and fuller, adding shutters and accent trim to your windows makes them come alive. They add a layer of beauty and personality, and if needed, they can control light, regulate ventilation, and provide additional security.

Be careful when choosing the size and shape of your shutters. Shutters don't work well if the house is too small for them. If a window is too close to a corner, a shutter might stick out beyond the edge of the house. If the windows are too close together, the space between the shutters may look crowded.

Transform Your Home with Trim

Siding and trim are key elements to your home's exterior. While they protect your house from weather damage, they also give your home a unique style and personality. Replacing old siding or adding a new coat of paint to your trim can keep your home looking its best.

Be on the lookout for rotting or cracked materials. If you catch these areas early, you can repair them quickly to prevent additional damage. If parts of your siding or trim are too damaged to repair yourself, then consider calling an expert to replace the problem areas.

Liven Up Your Landscape

Don't let the grass be greener on the other side. Your lawn and yard can look just as beautiful as your home with proper care and maintenance. Simply trimming the trees and cutting the grass can liven up a home in a matter of hours. Cover up any dead spots with new flowers or plants, and don't forget to pull any weeds that are invading your yard.

If your landscaping options are limited, consider purchasing container plants. Potted flowers and shrubs can add a bit of color to any porch or patio.

Keep It Clean

A lot of your home's curb appeal depends on cleanliness. Even a new home can look years older if garbage is scattered in the yard or the windows are unwashed. Even if your budget is tight, old-fashioned water and soap can work wonders on your home.

Take the time to tidy your home, inside and out, to give it a polished, well-kept look. Clean your windows, take out the trash, and wash any areas that are looking a bit dingy.

If you follow these steps, you'll be amazed at how fresh and new your home feels, even if it's older than you are! For more information, don't hesitate to contact us at Sunrise Windows!

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